Chase Garber is a Celtic harpist,  singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Portland, OR.  Since moving back to the area in early 2018, he has been finishing up an album of original songs written largely on the harp and performing locally.  His songs, often described as "transporting" and "otherworldly", are dense, emotional, visually rich and deeply imaginative, employing musical and lyrical forms more akin to chamber music than to pop.  In the Spring, he released a self-produced demo and will record the album proper with full arrangements in 2019.


Music was a part of Chase's life from an early age, studying piano from the age of 8 and songwriting at 13.  He received a B.A. in Music from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he spent most of his time playing Debussy and tinkering in the Electronic Music studios, arranging samples of rocks, water and wood into texture-rich rhythms and melodies.  After years of exploring many musical styles of the world, from Javanese gamelan to Japanese shakuhachi to the Zimbabwean mbira, he fell deeply in love with the Celtic harp and has poured the majority of his creative energy and discipline into learning this beautiful instrument.  Under the tutelage of Portland harpist Elizabeth Nicholson, Chase studies traditional Irish repertoire and harp pedagogy while refining his technique for his own compositions.  He is now accepting beginning harp students at his home studio in SE Portland, OR and at Artichoke Music.


Stay tuned to this website for upcoming album release announcements and live shows.